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LASIK Eye Surgery Austin | Our Blog | Dell Laser Consultants


Cedar Fever And Your Vision

For many Austinites, there’s an impending sense of doom about the pollen in the air as Cedar Fever hits.  Allergies to our beloved Mountain Cedar (which, for the arborists among you, is actually from the Juniper family) are pretty common – otherwise we wouldn’t hear about it so much this time of year.  There is no denying that the congestion and...

What's a "Clinical Study" - and What Does it Mean to You?

If you’re thinking about LASIK – or if you’ve taken the next step and started researching the procedure in earnest – you’ve probably come across “clinical studies” reporting that LASIK is safe and effective. But what are those studies? How are they conducted? What do they really mean for you? If you watch the news or read the paper, you’ve likely...

Am I Good Candidate for LASIK?

It’s one of the best questions to ask when considering LASIK.  In fact, approximately 10 percent of my patients are not eligible for LASIK. Your first step in determining if you’re a candidate for LASIK is completing a thorough, diagnostic evaluation of your eyes.  You can expect an exam to take typically 1-2 hours and include such tests as measuring...

What Formula 1 Racing Tells Us About LASIK

Formula 1 – the elite international level of automobile racing – is coming to Austin, TX this weekend. It’s a big deal. Formula 1 hasn’t raced on U.S. soil since 2007. And its real glory days in the U.S. were decades ago. But worldwide, Formula 1 has the biggest viewership of any sport – even bigger than soccer. Formula 1 drivers are the highest-paid...

Make Your Photography Hassle-Free With LASIK

LASIK can transform the way you see the world. So can photography. And the two together can be a perfect marriage. LASIK has been a tremendous benefit to many photographers, whether they’re professionals, dedicated amateurs, or simply parents trying to snap every moment of family life. By eliminating the hassle of glasses or contacts, LASIK makes it...

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